If nutritionists are to be believed, eating healthy isn’t that much of a challenge. All you need to do is deny yourself any sensations of pleasure, all the time, every day, until you’re whisked away by the sweet relief of death.

But maybe a diet of water, quinoa, and chronic dissatisfaction doesn’t sound all that exciting to you. In that case, here’s permission to start enjoying life again. These surprisingly healthy foods manage to taste good without cutting your life span short, and some are actually pretty good for you.


Dark chocolate
Augustus Gloop may have been on to something. While overindulging in chocolate isn’t the best idea ever, dark chocolate does appear to have antioxidant effects. It can also lower blood pressure, improve vascular function, and comfort your soul the night after a break-up.

Potatoes won’t save your life if you’re frying them, covering them in cheese sauce, and giving fate the finger while eating them, but on their own, they’re a strong source of potassium. Samwise had the right idea.

Red wine
A glass or two of red wine guards against heart disease, thanks to antioxidants. On top of that, science has shown that abstaining from alcohol in general can actually lead to a shorter life span. By this point, it’s like, irresponsible not to be drinking the stuff.

Oysters offer an almost ludicrous amount of zinc, as well as vitamin D. And they are ludicrously delicious. They are the center of the world’s most ludicrously amazing Venn diagram.

Chicken wings
Chicken’s already a good source of protein. Chicken wings are required, by law (basically), to be consumed while watching sports. Throw some wings on the grill — maybe remove the skins if you want the healthiest option — and be a proud American.