Prosoya Kenya Limited believes that the protection of the environment is critical to the long term sustainable future of the country and its people.

 The sanctity of all ecosystems should be preserved for future generations and Prosoya Kenya Limited is committed to act responsibly and with due regard to the impact of all its operations and products on the environment. 

Prosoya Kenya Limited recognizes that productivity in its businesses is directly related to the safety, health and welfare of its employees, and therefore will provide medical clinics and safety and crisis committees at business units.

At Prosoya Kenya Limited, we shall develop and adopted social responsibility programs that demonstrate our commitment to assisting the community that provides the market for our various businesses. 

We recognize that protecting the environment and our people is an obligation - not a choice.


In order to fulfill this obligation Prosoya Kenya Limited will:

  • Conduct environmental impact assessments when establishing new facilities; utilize the best available technology to limit emissions and effluents, improve land eco-efficiencies and waste recovery;
  • Support research into the protection of the environment;
  • Conform to prescribed and self determined environmental, health and safety standards;
  • Support and promote supplies of environmental friendly products and services; 
  • Promote continuous setting standards in a process of proactive risk management, subject to internal and external compliance;
  • Involve employees and their representatives in participative endeavours to agree and implement health and safety improvement programs;
  • Engage in community based projects that assist in all levels of education, develops sporting capacity and provides assistance to medical institutions;
  • Provide education and training to employees in preventative health care, first aid and safety procedures;
  • Develop and implement standards to achieve the highest industry safety standards;
  • Provide on-site or adjacent primary health clinic facilities where possible for employees;
  • Promote environmental awareness, responsibility, and training among all employees and the public at large; 
  • Continuously monitor and audit the environmental status of all its operations; 
  • Use raw materials and resources prudently;
  • Promote the recycling and reprocessing of waste materials; and ensure management accountability for the fulfillment of this obligation.